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How I'm Handling COVID-19

These are the things I am doing at and for my office to keep things safe:

1. I have not gone anywhere out into the public without a double filtered mask since all of this has started. I say double filtered because of the 95% of people I’ve seen out without masks. Now in my office, I do use the disposable masks because they are cooler and easier to work in. Everyone that comes in is screened and wearing a mask as well. It is not a one way street.

2. I invested in a UV/Ozone lamp early on and run it on a regular basis to help minimize any potential contamination. While running the lamp I take apart the face cradle and expose the Velcro, underside and arm rest directly to the lamp light. Everything else is sprayed/wiped down for disinfecting on the table, all knobs and handles, doors and intake area. This happens between each and every client!

3. I wash my sheets on a special setting that sanitizes them. Main reason I purchased this washer. It’s a 2 hr, 15 minute cycle. I do not overfill the tub, rather I only fill it about half way to give everything plenty of room to move around and get cleaned well.

4. I schedule 1.5 hours between appointments to allow time to do all of the disinfecting. Note this is 50% longer than any scheduled one hour appointment. That means the number of appointments available are decreased in order to meet the disinfecting requirements.

5. I have learned a way to “funnel” a pillow case on the face cradle for those who cannot tolerate wearing a mask face down. It is required that you put your mask back on before turning over.

6. All sheets/equipment/paperwork etc are put away and only those needed for each massage are out when you arrive. Drawers and file cabinet are not opened when someone is in the room.

7. I keep a mask on at all times while I am in the building. I do use a straw in an otherwise sealed container to be able to drink fluids. It’s really difficult to stay hydrated otherwise without having to remove and then replace a mask. If I am eating lunch at the office, I go out to my car to do so in order to not remove my mask in the office.

8. I have a small fan on the floor in order to keep air circulating.

Thank you to everyone who has already placed their trust in me to receive massage services. I hope this posts puts others at ease when making a choice as to whether or not they are ready to return.

Stay blessed and healthy,

Teena Welch, LMT


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