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EVERY massage will be my BEST massage.

Everyone deserves the same consideration

and individualized treatment.*

Teena has been a licensed massage therapist since the year 2000.  She has worked primarily as an Independent Practitioner, as well as, contracting and working with chiropractors.  She also has experience working in the spa and tanning salon environments.


Prior to becoming a Massage Therapist, Teena was a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, earning her A.A.S. degree from Tarrant County Junior College in 1993.  While in college, her interest in manual therapies was sparked as she was introduced to them by local experts in their respective specialties. That interest grew into love as she began to practice and develop these skills during a couple of her clinical rotations.


Another aspect of her degree that has added a deeper dimension to her abilities, is the in-depth assessment skills that she learned. These skills have been developed, used, and expanded over the last 25 years. Her mind and hands have always lead her to work towards finding the underlying problems, rather than just addressing the primary symptoms and/or complaints.


Teena has taken several classes for Myofascial Release, including John Barnes in the early 90's and one from Anatomy Trains recently.  These skills, along with her early education and experiences, are the foundation for her current treatments.  Many techniques  have been learned over the years,  including Critz Technique, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Strain/Counter Strain, Neuromuscular Facilitation, and Positional Release.  They are all incorporated, appropriately and as needed,  into that foundation to obtain the best results possible for her clients.


Teena instructed at The Abilene Institute of Massage under Maria Whittemore, LMT, MTI, Owner and Director of the facility, between the years of 2001-2007.  She taught all categories of the 300 hour program with A & P, Business, and Technique being her favorites to teach. She also provided a couple of CE classes there:  Communicating With Other Health Care Professionals and In-Depth Anatomy of The Back.

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